Bake Sale for Japan

Hello beautiful ladies! Today’s post is all about the BAKE SALE!! :-) The gorgeous Chocolate Covered Katie demonstrated her heart of gold when she announced a vegan blogger bake sale to raise money for Japan. I came up with two new creations whilst simultaneously turning my kitchen upside down!

First up…..

These cherry-packed health bars are super tasty and perfect with your afternoon cuppa.

They’re full of fibre and provide a natural energy boost, making them great pre or post workout fuel. One has already made it’s way into my boyfriend’s lunchbox ready for tomorrow ;-)



Dark vegan choc chips, dusted in almonds...heaven!

These little gems are super tasty. Yes I have taste tested these more than once :-) They’re like health bars on a stick and swirled in dark vegan chocolate….


Lollypop lollypop oooh lolly lollypop.....lollypop (pop) de dum dum dum....

….oh yeah and they’re filled with gooey peanut butter :-) Ka-pow!


Lollypop....oooh oohh make ma heart go giddyup!




Raw ingredients



Whizz em up!!



Chop one of these babies in half to discover a whole new world of gooey peanut butter :-)

You know what guys? I’m not just saying this but these “Vegan Pops” are delicious! There were slapped wrists when Phil realised there was PB in the centre of each one!

Anyhoo…I hope to see you all at the bake sale. I wish we could all magically transport ourselves to a sunny field and each set up our “stalls” in person. Now that would be cool! Head over to Katie’s blog to take part in the fundraising :-)

Big hugs to all!
Emm xoxo

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16 thoughts on “Bake Sale for Japan

  1. Oh my GOSH! Wow! Those candy pops are insanely-amazing!!! And I love your idea of a bake sale for real… I so wish we could do that! But then again, I’d want to eat some of everything, and so my tummy (and my wallet!) probably wouldn’t survive lol.

    Thank you so so much for your sweet words in spreading the word!

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  3. Firs of all you mrs are so CUTE! You made me laugh with the lollypop song :D

    The PB pops look hellish, I MUST re-create! Teach us Sensei!

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