The Cinnamon Queen :-)

Howdy partners! Happy Hump Day!! There’s something great about feels like the weekend is not too far away :-)

Sooooo….I’ve had a great day today. 7mile run, zumba, great day at work. All good :-) However, the thing that brought the biggest smile to my face was Carrie’s post :-) I had great fun preparing a vegan package for her, after we thought we’d have some fun and do a food swap. I had a great time picking things out – it meant I got to spend EVEN LONGER in my favourite health stores ;-)

Anyway, Carrie is one of my favourite bloggers  – so full of life and so sweet! Therefore, in your honour Carrie, I made Cinnamon Blanket oatmeal for breakkie this morning and boy was it good! You know where it’s at girl!!

Oatmeal with Cinnamon, banana, PB - YUM!!

Oh and here’s that banana-cconut whipped cream I made the other day….super scrummy!

Try using agar to "set" some dairy free milk - it's like Angel Delight!









This was inspired by the beautiful Chocolate Covered Katie….you girls are amazing you know. Every single one of you who reads this blog – YOU. ARE. FABULOUS!

Some other random eats……

Simple salad wrap and my "apple a day"

Yesterdays breakkie - bran cereal, coconut milk and berries

Today's packed lunch at work - apple, kiwi, cucumber sticks, toms, almonds and chilli-red pepper hummus

Kiwis are my current obsession. Love them. I’m currently trying to consume my body weight in water as today’s workout was my sweatiest yet!! No joke  – I got through 2 tops and looked like I had stepped outta the shower both times! Ok….I know, too much information but it means I’ve been working hard! ;-)

Anyway…off to bed with my laptop to catch up on your lovely blogs before lights out. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my eyes open for long!

Hugs x x

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8 thoughts on “The Cinnamon Queen :-)

  1. ooh kiwis are so good!! They’re totally not in season right now though here so I’m going to have to wait. I wanted to get all sorts of fruit at the store today but wasn’t sure where it was coming from….haha

  2. I could only imagine how sweaty I’d be after a 7 mile run and zumba so no worries about over sharing! I saw the awesome package you sent Carrie, there was some great stuff in it=) You’re so sweet!

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