The Black Door

Hi there! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday :-) My boyfriend and I have just returned from a meal out at a local brasserie called, “The Black Door”. It was lovely but not vegan friendly :-( I had the best G&Ts ever and a slightly random but interesting rhubarb dessert. The restaurant itself is attached to “The Biscuit Factory”, a wonderful art gallery that Phil and I can get lost in for hours :-)

As I type this post, the dehydrator is currently humming away in the kitchen, full of fruit for a trail mix I’m gonna put together. I dipped banana slices into some cinammon to add further flavour to my naner chips :-) Smells good!

After reading Carrie’s blog over at  I was intrigued to try out some of the recipes in “Appetite for Reduction” – it was the “Chickpea Gravy” that swayed me to pick up a copy from Amazon. I’ve only had a flick through so far but many new culinary crusades are instore for sure!

Thanks for the recommendation Carrie <3

On the exercise front, I’ve not worked out for 2 whole days and my legs are definately feeling like they want a good old run! To be honest, I’ve felt totally cream crackered and will hopefully notice the benefits of fresh legs on tomorrow’s long run :–)

What have you all been up to? Any Valentine’s plans or recipes? I’m thinking pink, vegan pancakes just for fun ;-)


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4 thoughts on “The Black Door

  1. cream crackered? that’s a great expression haha :)
    Neat blog- glad to have found it! I’m jealous of your dehydrator as well!

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