Hi there! It feels so nice to sit down! I can definately tell that the working week is coming to an end. I’m tired! In fact, I slept in this morning and couldn’t face missed breakfast as I couldn’t be bothered muster the energy to even pour some cereal into a bowl! I was brought up in a household where it was not acceptable to skip breakfast and now I still feel kinda guilty if I don’t have any.

I made up for it at lunchtime with a lunch that consisted of ALL of my “5 a Day”. For those who live in the UK, M&S do these great little lunch packs. They’re great on the days when you’re getting low on fresh fruit and veg and need yor fix before yor next food shop.

I’ll tell you something – this lunch was perfect! I’ll definately recreate this myself!

After work and a CPR course later, I headed to pick up some groceries and then went to the gym for a 7mile run and some cross training/magazine reading :-) I hit the jackpot in Waitrose as they actually had some plain tofu! There seemed to be a tofu shortage in Newcastle over the last couple of weeks cos I couldn’t get hold of any anywhere!

On arriving home, I made some tamari tofu with chilli, garlicky broccoli and tomato sauce. I had a major craving for tomatoes!

Has anyone ever heard of an UGLI fruit? I certainly hadn’t until today! I picked one up because I was intrigued….and I kinda felt sorry for it having a name like that! I also p-p-p-picked up some nak’d bars. I think they’re the UK’s best brand of health bar. No added rubbish – just raw, natural ingedients <3 I’d love to try a Larabar after seeing all the amazing flavours on all your blogs!

Cocoa orange and pecan pie nakd bars float my boat any day ;-)

Oh my! Ugli fruit have a whole website dedicated to them! :-) Apparently the ugli fruit is a hybridised Jamaican tangelo, made by “breeding” a grapefruit, an orange and a tangerine. COOL!!

Will let you know if the uglifruit’s taste┬ásurpasses its name

much love xoxo

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11 thoughts on “Ugli

  1. i don’t usually eat breakfast. when i was younger i’d force myself to eat it. a few years ago i was told by a wise man it’s best not to eat before 12. see, my body knew that but my mind was telling it otherwise.=)

    never heard of ugli but i’m interested to know how it tastes!

  2. Oooooh I LOVE those five-a-day snack boxes! I could honestly subsist on fruit and veggies. Love the combination of sweet and crunchy!

    Cute blog. :) Wish I could find an Ugli fruit! They look kinda cute and would sure make my lunchbox a little more interesting :)

  3. I need to find one of those ugli fruit – if only just for the name! Where did you get it?
    I saw tofu sausages in Waitrose the other day and thought they looked amazing but didn’t get any as they were pricey (always dangerous going to Wairose three days before payday!)

  4. That 5-a-day snack box looks great. Something I could definitely see myself eating. I’ve never heard of those ugli fruit, but it sounds like they would taste pretty darn good. :)

  5. So glad you found my blog; I absolutely can’t wait to read more of yours!! I’m totally like you and eat bowls of tomato sauce like that all the time:) I CRAVE them like crazy in the winter!!! I’ve never had an ugli fruit but I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them…omg I’m so intrigued to see a pic of your roomie! I’ve never found somebody who looks like me! :)

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